Tournament Win!

We played the adult beginners’ tournament and won! First time playing together as a team.

The "green" team won 12 - 6 in 4 chukkers
The “green” team Shamsiya, Susan and Karen won 12 – 6 in 4 chukkers – photo by Lea
I rode Annie, my favorite photo by Lea
Annie, my favorite polo pony – photo by Lea
I won MVP for scoring 6 goals !
I won MVP for scoring 6 goals ! Thank you Paul for supporting me – photo by Lea
It was a fun game, thanks to the red/yellow team - photo credit Lea
It was a fun game, thanks to the red/yellow team Matt, Marie and Bill – photo credit Lea

Back in the Saddle

Dear friends and family, it has been at least two years since I have ridden (except for a few trail rides) or played polo. The wonderful news is that we have two beautiful grandsons / great grandsons / nephews / great nephews / cousins once removed / in our family.

Sebastian is turning 3 this month and Julian will be 8 months. I have been spending as much time in Raleigh, NC with them as I can.

I am older and very rusty, but many thanks to Laura and Hugo at Mountain View Polo I am back in the saddle.

Charles Town, West Virginia
Charles Town, West Virginia
Good Morning!
Good Beautiful Morning!

Opening Weekend

Capitol Polo Club members played 6 chukkers round robin (4 chukkers per team) at the low goal and 6 chukkers round robin at the higher goal level.

I played 2 chukkers each day, which was plenty for me – I haven’t ridden or played in the last two years and my back was pretty sore afterward. I am getting used to riding Pampa, Marcos’ horse.

Everyone takes it easy to start. The first day was a little rough, and the second day much better. Some members ride during the winter but many do not. It was a very fun start to the season – Marcos served fried chicken from Bassett’s along with Argentine Malbec after the Sunday games.

Too cute! Chris and Maureen's Mini
Too cute! Chris and Maureen’s Mini