Polo Cancelled Today

National Museum of the American Indian

Due to rain – lots of rain, even the arena had standing water and we were not able to play.

So Paul and I went into D.C.  I have been wanting to buy a book from the National Museum of the American Indian, A Song for the Horse Nation – Horses in Native American Cultures.  It was edited by George P. Horse Capture and Emil Her Many Horses.  It is a beautiful book.

Here are photos of the museum in Washington, D.C.  There is a museum in New York city also, where the exhibit is now.  I would love to go there to see it in the old Customs Building – don’t think I can make it by July 7th.

View from the U.S. Botanic Garden
The building captures the landscape

Watching the Game

After the first 4 chukkers, we watched the red and blue teams play the last 2.  I really enjoy watching the play, and learn from it

Learning from Watching the Play


Sunday Polo and Potomac Hunt Races

In the game

I was much more in the game today, 4 chukkers in a row, had one good goal assist.

Capitol Polo reserved a spot at the Potomac Hunt Races.  Here is a photo from the Preakness Ladies Open Flat:

Preakness Ladies Open Flat (Fifth Race)
Do You Like My Hat?

Saturday Polo Practice

It was a beautiful day!   74, light breeze, sun.  Very fun practice, chukkers 1,2,3,4 in a row.  I am getting stronger and a little faster, although Laura says “aggressive!”  and “anticipate the play” and “hustle!”  I love Laura she really helps me.  I really do need all of the above.  I am the most passive person you will meet, and polo will help me to get going!  I did have some shots on the ball and some ride offs.  I really want to help my team.  I want to help myself and my horse.  Thank you.

On Waiting

During last winter’s blizzard I sat in front of the fire and read Gabriel García Márquez:       A Life by Gerald Martin.  This quote struck me, “His works almost always include the theme of waiting, which is, of course, merely the other side of power, the experience of the impotent.”

Waiting to Write



I just pulled a book off of my shelf, Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brande.  The sales receipt was in the back, dated 06/18/97.  I earmarked and highlighted that book to death. Why didn’t I start writing then?  I didn’t have a sense of urgency.

As in playing polo, Laura says to me, “you must have a sense of urgency!”

Riding Lesson

Marcos worked with me on my riding in the indoor arena.  He had me work on a canter in larger and smaller circles, and on stopping and turning.  When stopping, plant your feet forward and sit down in the saddle.  Tap the whip to get going again.  It is all about communicating with your horse, letting her know what you want.

Afterwards, I went out to stick and ball on my own in field 3.  It was a gorgeous evening, with geese on the field.  I worked on all of my shots.  Canella has a sneaky thing where she moves away from the ball at the last moment – aha!  all her fault….. not.

They are forecasting a big thunderstorm for tonight.


I was the only actual mother on the field for the Mother’s Day Game. It was so rough. Windy as hell, and fast as hell. We got clobbered 6 to 1. Laura, who is my former instructor playing on the opposing team, said to me as we came off the field, “we need to light a fire under your butt!”  I know it!

Happy Mother’s Day!

After the game we had a great party with the chef from the Argentine Embassy, Miguel.  His chorizo is the best!

Marcos and Miguel

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

To My Daughters
Naima and Rita

And to all women in the world, I wish you strength and stamina – and speed!

Love, Susan

Mother's Day Tournament

Heels down, toes up

Saturday we played with sustained winds of 25 – 30.  Really hard to keep my mallet up.  I played on the Legal polo team with Theresa, Marissa and Juan Carlos – all very strong players.  I held in there, but my riding speed really needs to get better.  Had one good play, getting the ball on the throw in.  Had one good shot on the ball at speed.

We won, so we go on to the finals today at 3:00.

Dog Party

DetailsThis book, Go, Dog, Go! by P.D. Eastman is one of my favorites.  It describes our after polo parties.

Here is a picture of Buddy, Marissa’s rescue daschund.  He is adorable!