Montero Cup and MVP award

We won our tournament, and I received the MVP award!  I am pretty sure it had to do with my bringing the empanadas and the wine to the after party….but I accepted a lovely photograph taken by Mr. Montero’s son, Francisco.  A glorious October 24th.

Thank you very very much to the Montero Family
Hugo watching the play

ABSI Party Match

It was a great game to watch, and a beautiful day,

Charlie was the Umpire, riding Canela - the players were NOT at the bar.

October 17th.

Catch Up

It took me a while to move my blog, and in the meantime I stopped posting.  So this will be a catch up to the grand finale of the season!

Nirsa became my groom, taking over from Jorge. She is so sweet and great with the horses.