This polo season is dedicated to my Aunt Ann, who passed away last June, Uncle Tom, and cousins Teal and Franz.  I thank them for summers in Missouri, cantering up the wheat fields bareback and barefoot.  Aunt Ann would take me for long trail rides through the woods, stopping and getting off to examine moss and ferns.

On the back of Ann's horse Penny with sister Allison. Our cousins Teal and Franz.

Getting Ready

May 1 is the first day of practice and I am already nervous.  Haven’t been on a horse since the Halloween Tournament.  I still have my winter coat of fat, hoping to ride it off as I did last summer.  Wish I had practiced yoga more consistently over the winter.  Time to polish my boots, wash my t shirts and make sure there is at least one of every color – red, white, and blue.

Indigo नील

Today I committed to the upcoming polo season.

Marcos asked me what name I have for my team. I mentioned a few ideas, and Indigo hit it. Count on us!

My sister Allison was driving me to the L station in Chicago, and the downtown looked so beautiful. Mayor Daley did such a great job, and I know Rahm Emanuel will continue to improve it. So I saw this big sign on the side of a building, “Indigo Hotel” with a seashell logo – I said to Allison, “that is such a pretty name!” She agreed, and that is where we got the idea.

The Sanskrit name, Nila, नील means dark blue.

Most Improved Club Player

This was one of the most pleasant surprises in my life. Thank you so much EVERYBODY.

Whoa!  This, I never imagined. At first, I was embarrassed and then of course I accept. The next morning I had a dream and realized that I really loved the recognition. I DID work to my ability, rushing from my air conditioned office, changing in the smelly port-a-potty to get to practice.  It is not an easy transition – desk to saddle, no speed to slow speed, high heels to down heels.  I love polo so much!