Club Arena Tournament

Club Arena Tournament lineup

Here is a perfect day.  I am nervous as usual, before a game.  First time with our new pro, Jose fresh from Argentina – a 4 goal player.  Turns out, he never played in the arena before!  Considering, he is very very good.  Well, he did most of the work, it was a very fast game for me, our team mate Tim was very respectable.  Our competition was STIFF.   We held our own the first 2 chukkers, and then they stopped making mistakes.

I did fall off Canela – I was riding into the wall, and got confused as to which way to turn.  She didn’t know what I wanted, because I didn’t know what to do, and we went in different directions  – lost my balance, and slid off.  Just a skinned elbow and bruised ego – needed a leg back up (she is so tall for me).  Back into the game.  I promised myself that I would not come off the next time.

Jose getting ready
Final Score, Indigo lost to ABSI
This is my rig
Tim's family came out to support him
New puppy on the block, Chloe




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