Saturday Polo

I woke up envisioning hitting the ball to the back wall of the goal.  We will play in the arena today and I am starting my self-help talk to hit the target and to ride as fast as I can.  I am on a strong team but the other team is strong as well.  I always play the forward Number 1 position, and my main job is to ride to the goal to receive the pass from the back.   I had a spectacular miss – extremely frustrating – I can ride fast and get to the ball, and then I can’t hit it – horrible waste of a great pass, and very humiliating.  But I am learning, and promise myself to work hard to put it together.

Game 2 White team with Sonny and Marcos - the note at the bottom says "Happy Mother's Day"

Buddy the rescue dachshund and Sonny's baby


Marcos gave me a beautiful bay mare to ride in the first chukker.  Her name is Coneja, which means doe in Spanish. Love her!  She is mine for the season.










Juan Carlos and Marissa's new mare, Sangria

Wayne and his "suds" - the last Sam Adams

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