Fathers’ Day Polo

Sunday threatened to rain, but it held off until the night.  We need the rain, but it can ruin your play.

Canela getting ready. She whinnied to me when I came to give her a hug. She is so sweet.

Happy Fathers’ Day!  I supplied the after polo picnic  with sandwiches, chips, cookies and coca cola. Not many club members attended, but all of the grooms and pros got to eat – sometimes the food runs out before they get there, they are so busy with the horses.

Party on a polo pony

Sonny’s friends had a party at the polo grounds – they were a fun group, and came to watch the first match.

Heels down! I did not see her get on or off the pony.
Marcos explained a bit about how the game is played.
The bump and ride off
Enough of polo - on to cricket!





Low Goal / High Goal Practice

I love how Marcos is organizing the practices now, separating the low goal players and the higher goal players.  The high goal team is up to 12 – that is pretty darn fast.   It is not actually high goal, considering the highest goal polo in the world is 40!  Only in Argentina.  It is my dream to watch a 40 goal match – the highest goal polo I have seen is 26 – in the US Polo Open.  We also have an umpire, which means we get to line up in the middle of the field for the throw-in.  I love it so much!

This is a great site to read: www.sportpolo.com

Here is the umpire’s ball:

Bob is playing polo and acting umpire after open heart surgery one year ago!
The numbers in parentheses are the chukkers assigned
High goal lineup. Charlie Muldoon, rated 5 goals, in the red helmet.





Buddy gets around

Buddy, Marisa’s rescue dachshund (when spelling, remember it is ch and then sh) is the life of the polo play preparations and after parties. Everybody knows Buddy and Buddy knows everybody.  Recently there was an incident with someone’s dog whereby a horse spooked and startled the rider right off.  The club management came down on the entire population and said no more dogs on club property.  This immediately set off a protest by the members, and dogs are back on, with a little more restraint. See my post “Dog Party” in the archives May 8, 2010.  Polo players <3 dogs.

Sharky and Julio, Marcos’ dogs, set a good example

Stick and Ball

Marcos had Jose take me out to practice my hitting.  I am working on  hitting the ball at speed, so I took my shots at a very slow pace and then worked on speeding it up.  Time in the saddle and practice is what it takes, like anything in life.  Every time I get on a horse I feel like a million dollars.