Embassy of Brazil Cup

Charity match organized by Kaiser and Flavio
Where all of the beautiful people are! photo by Francisco J. Montero
Preliminary Match, photo credit Francisco J. Montero
This was such a beautiful, fun day. Thank you Francisco J. Montero for the photo





US Polo Association 2 goal Master Cup

We played the quarter finals and won, we played the semi-finals and won,  we played the finals and ALMOST WON 6 – 8 against a very tough team.

We held ABSI back until the final chukker
Susan Leslie, Patrick Post, Laura Goddard, and our main man Hugo Pasten!
It was a tough game, but we all had fun and we are still friends



Comus Sky Tournament

Sugarloaf Mountain

Comus is an area around Sugarloaf Mountain in Maryland.  For those who don’t know, Maryland happens to be a very beautiful state in the United States.

The 3 goal club tournament was named after the farm, hosted by our polo player friends.

Our team won the consolation finals.

Susan on Coneja, under pressure. Photo credit Francisco Montero


Comus Sky Farm won their tournament - Congratulations! Photo FJM

Here are all of the pictures from Francisco Montero, a very gifted photographer: