Marcos Bignoli, Capitol Polo Club Manager Photo credit Francisco J. Montero

Marcos’ chief job today is tracking Hurricane Irene for polo practice.  Playing polo is completely dependent on the weather, and making those calls is sometimes just impossible until the last minute.

Marcos is a winner. This is the 4 goal USPA tournament team, Comus Sky.
Marcos runs the Capitol Polo Academy
Marcos organizes the teams for practice chukkers and provides the water
Marcos manages the guys who manage the horses and tack
Marcos is a diplomat. He loves to entertain. Photo Francisco J. Montero


What to do….

When you are rained out of polo for the day.  I really have to get a life.  Paul came over and we went out for a sandwich at Travilah Oak Market, waiting for the news from Marcos.  It wasn’t good, although I KNOW the fields need water!  We wandered around the local nursery, Behnke’s and bought a beautiful new plant for a container garden.  I relented and agreed to go to Nordstrom to look for a mother-of-the bride dress, not optimistic about finding what I want.  Et voila, if I didn’t find Exactly what I envisioned!  Unexpected success.

We ended up at our local hangout in Poolesville.

The food is really quite good here.


Polo Summer Break

Back in the saddle after the first 10 days in August, where everyone, the horses, and the fields got a break.  I didn’t want a break, but it was obviously good for me, because I came back swinging.  Even Marcos said I played an awesome game!   There is so much for me that goes into hitting the ball.  First, my horse and my riding.  Second, my strength and stamina, and third, my timing.  It all came together: Susannah ran faster than ever, I found the ball at my level of speed, and I hit the ball more than I missed it! yea.

Marcos makes the teams for evening practice chukkers