Opening Weekend

Capitol Polo Club members played 6 chukkers round robin (4 chukkers per team) at the low goal and 6 chukkers round robin at the higher goal level.

I played 2 chukkers each day, which was plenty for me – I haven’t ridden or played in the last two years and my back was pretty sore afterward. I am getting used to riding Pampa, Marcos’ horse.

Everyone takes it easy to start. The first day was a little rough, and the second day much better. Some members ride during the winter but many do not. It was a very fun start to the season – Marcos served fried chicken from Bassett’s along with Argentine Malbec after the Sunday games.

Too cute! Chris and Maureen's Mini
Too cute! Chris and Maureen’s Mini


Star Wars

One of the things I love about polo is that it is completely low tech.

Get your team color and your chukker here
Get your team color and your chukker assignment here