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How did I fall in love with polo?  I saw my first game in Lahore, Pakistan in 1971 – I was there on diplomatic duty with my father and family. I love horses, and the sport was so exciting to me.  I never consciously thought of playing it myself, because I was a young girl – this was an absolute man’s world.  I am still a “girl” and it is no longer a “man’s world.”  Thank you!

Travels to Pakistan
Polo in the Hindu Kush mountains, Pakistan, where I fell in love with the game, 1973.
Photos taken by my late father, David L. Gray













Riding and writing, living my dream.  The title, Chukker by Chukker, is a tribute to Anne Lamott’s book on writing, Bird by Bird.  In it she describes a time when her brother was overwhelmed, facing a deadline on a report about birds.  His dad comforted him and said, “Bird by bird, buddy. Just take it bird by bird.”

This is how I take learning to play polo – period by period.  My goal is to become a much stronger rider and to play respectably – no easy feat at 62. I have been playing very inconsistently over the years and never had the chance to get good at it – a perpetual polo school student.

2005. Background is a small rug from Pucón, Chile where I climbed the active volcano.



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  1. You are my inspiration! Thank you for finally starting your blog – you are such a great writer AND a great polo player, and I am so happy to read about your experiences 🙂
    xoxox, your daughter.

  2. Hi, Susan

    Love your blog and web site–I am looking forward to reading it and following you. I have often wanted to try polo. I think I’d need some serious velcro to keep me in the tack! I read bird by bird in college and haven’t thought about that book in years, so thank you for bringing back a wonderful memory for me. Best of luck with the new mare!

    Jan (@midlifehorse)

  3. Susan,

    What a cool blog! The photos are incredible and I never knew that Polo was in your heart for so long. Keep playing Polo and I will keep flying….


  4. Susan,

    As I was glancing through the pages and came acros this statement of yours Chukker by Chukker, had to stop and read it twice and right away started to smile becasue I knew what it meant but want to confirm so I noticed you been to motherland.
    What a beautiful corrupt country.
    Just remember this is not a men’s game, it’s a game of true love and passion

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