Capitol Polo Fall Women’s Challenge

It was a challenge! Played on Comus Sky Team with Juanita and Nivedita against Marisa, Maika and Rachel. We held our own, Juanita scored 6 goals against their 9. Great hitting! And she had a perfect penalty shot. I don’t think I played well at all. Tomorrow, on to the consolation finals. Another day, another play.

We played the finals and lost. Our competition played well as a team, and blocked our plays.

La Barra won – Laura, Jennifer, and Maureen – MVP
Marcos with the 4 teams, we all got trophies

Gorgeous polo weather

Coneja, on the lineup. I always play the #1 position. Photo credit Francisco J. Montero
Are we lucky, after all of that rain and cold, to have a beautiful weekend.  We are still in the arena, as the fields have not dried out yet.  Here’s a clip from Marisa’s coaching chukker:  I had a great play, and then lost it.

Coaching chukkers

It was gritty in the arena.

Piece of the ball on Coneja

These clips were taken by Paul with our little Nikon Coolpix.  It was my first attempt at trimming in iMovie, and uploading to YouTube.  I even got an email from YouTube congratulating me on my first upload!  Learning to play polo AND blog.







Steve Jobs

Woke up this morning to the news that my hero has passed on.  He was about my age. His life message is very powerful – do what you love and don’t settle.

It has been my dream to play polo for the last 20 years!  Through raising my daughters I never had the resources.  I am playing now, but not enough to get good at it.   I will realize my dream to become an A rated player, and I will name one of my horses Manzana (Apple).

Thank you Steve Jobs!