Polo Ponies

Horses are the heart of polo.  They are very well cared for and get lots of recognition – there is always a “Best Playing Pony” award.

I think polo ponies have the most fun.  They get to hang out in large herds, they get to play an exciting game at their level of fitness, and they get time off in between games and seasons.

Think GREEN. Polo ponies require lots of open space for pasture and fields for practicing and playing polo.

Think WORK. The players who own or lease polo ponies employ lots of people including farmers, veterinarians and dentists, farriers, saddle bridle and boot makers, tack shop owners, photographers and writers, caterers, truck and trailer manufacturers, barn and fence builders, professional polo players, trainers, breeders, club managers and grooms.

Getting ready
Getting ready – the Sharma family string

Polo ponies and people are very good to dogs, too.

Buddy, Marisa’s rescue dachshund
Buddy riding high
Jack, Marisa’s rescue shepherd



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