Game 1

Gray Mare

My first chukker, I was so nervous thought I was going to faint.  Once I got on the horse I was fine.  She is a sweet gray mare, with no real name yet – maybe she will be named Susana!  Being on a horse, on the polo field is nirvana for me.  All of the ugly news of the world, the oil slick spoiling our coastline, falls away.  I am worried about my riding first and my hitting second.

Everybody was a bit green going into the first game of the season.  It was a gorgeous May Day.  Some of the horses were really fresh so we all took it really easy, which was perfect for me.  Once we got going we started playing as a team.  I had one goal assist.  In the second chukker I rode Cannela, a beautiful gray mare.  I scored a goal – it was really on the line, but they gave it to me.  I sat the 3rd chukker down, and was grateful for the rest.

In the final chukker I had a goal at the very end.  I barely hit the ball, the horse kicked it forward, and I tapped it in.  A very nice note to end on.

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