May Day – Polo Season!

Yesterday the rain held off just long enough to get the season started.  I always get nervous before I play, and this time especially because I had not been on a horse since October 30th.  On the drive to the fields I gave a self-help talk:  “I am NOT going to listen to my body” (fearing lack of stamina) . “I am going to be as ready as possible to hit the ball…I am going to get out of my comfort zone and ride as fast as possible.”

Marcos gave me “my” two gray mares to play!  That was a relief, knowing my horses, it was a very happy reunion.

Canela is as plump as me after the winter

Everyone is getting ready for their game.  This picture does not do it justice – I will work on capturing the images over the summer – you have to get the feeling of everyone’s rigs, their horses, their colors.

Getting Ready for Opening Day

Here’s the lineup:

Game 2 on the White team

The fields are too wet, we are playing in the arena, so 3 on a team.  Grateful to be playing with 2 very strong players.  I had played with 1 person on the opposing team, so it seems manageable.  We played 4 chukkers straight, and I listened to my self-talk – I was not exhausted!  I scored 2 goals – we do not keep track in these games, it’s practice.  My aim was to be respectable, and I think I was.  Not great, not terrible.  I have so much potential!

The club picks a member to provide a picnic after Sunday polo – Chris and Maureen had fried chicken, salad, drinks, and sweets on the deck.

Spectators on the deck, pre-picnic

Wayne was the umpire in the first game.  His horse is beautiful!  I was the weak link in the picnic, feeding his dog my chicken skin.

Wayne's beautiful horse.

We got 3 complete games played before the rain came.  Success.  Thank you everybody! Looking forward to a great season.

Done for the day - aren't they happy?




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