Low Goal / High Goal Practice

I love how Marcos is organizing the practices now, separating the low goal players and the higher goal players.  The high goal team is up to 12 – that is pretty darn fast.   It is not actually high goal, considering the highest goal polo in the world is 40!  Only in Argentina.  It is my dream to watch a 40 goal match – the highest goal polo I have seen is 26 – in the US Polo Open.  We also have an umpire, which means we get to line up in the middle of the field for the throw-in.  I love it so much!

This is a great site to read: www.sportpolo.com

Here is the umpire’s ball:

Bob is playing polo and acting umpire after open heart surgery one year ago!

The numbers in parentheses are the chukkers assigned

High goal lineup. Charlie Muldoon, rated 5 goals, in the red helmet.




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